Try a News Fast

A great way to reduce unnecessary stress in your life is to go on a news fast. I learned this tip years ago from Dr. Andrew Weil. A news fast is when you avoid watching or reading the news for a few days or longer. I started with a week and eventually gave it up completely!


News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve probably noticed how negative the news is. Other than the birth of the royal baby, can you remember a big, positive news story in the last 6 months? TV news shows and newspapers bring negativity from all around the world and dump it in your lap. Who needs extra sadness and fear in their lives?

Afraid of missing something? Someone will let you know if something huge is happening that you need to know about. Even when something I don’t need to know about is going on, I can’t seem to stop people from telling me all the sordid details.

Here are some factoids from Dr. Weil’s website:

  • Local and national network news have increased their emphasis on crime, even as U.S. crime rates continue to decline. This is particularly true of local news.
  • Studies show that violence, death and other negative images can provoke changes in mood and aggravate anxiety, sadness and depression.
  • Feelings of depression and sadness can lead to a negative view of your own life. Perceiving the world as violent, unsafe and hostile can have negative effects on your body, as well.

I think it would be great if someone would publish an all-positive-news newspaper. How uplifting that would be!


About Abby

I am a fictional literary character. I work as a massage therapist in Ellicott City, MD, and in my spare time I help the local police solve crimes. In my former life I was a corporate lawyer. I graduated from Cornell University, Harvard Law, and the Baltimore School of Massage. To keep fit I run and practice yoga.
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