Coming this summer:

CSS_Cat did WhatChicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What?

Featuring the story “Rabbit Food” by Susan Yanguas
(on sale August 19, 2014)


Bluff – a novel by Susan Yanguas

What do a nearsighted massage therapist, a rookie detective called “Fish,” a weekly poker game, and an endangered cougar have in common? Murder, it turns out!

Myopic Abby Ford is the only “eyewitness” to the murder of a local environmentalist. She can’t identify the killer, but he can identify her—forcing her to stay one step ahead of his hired goons. When the lead detective also becomes her bodyguard after an attempt on her life, their growing attraction only complicates matters. But what neither suspects is that the killer has an inside edge very close to home…

Set in a suburb of Baltimore, Bluff introduces a cast of quirky and endearing characters that will have you looking forward to the rest of this “crime lite” series.

Available in all e-reading formats at

Paperback and ebook available through most online book retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc.).

To read Chapter 1 of Bluff, click HERE.


Also – Chicken Soup for the Soul: 20th Anniversary Reader’s ChoiceBook cover for 20th Anniversary Reader's Choice

with “Memory Lane” by Susan Yanguas.

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