abbyAbigail Ford is the fictional protagonist of the Po-po Poker mystery series written by Susan Yanguas. Abby is a corporate lawyer turned massage therapist who lives in Howard County, Maryland. She is on a wellness journey – learning about and exploring various forms of natural and alternative healing modalities. In her spare time Abby helps the Howard County Police Department solve crimes.

IMG_3146Susan Yanguas is a writer/editor for a federal government agency, where she also teaches writing workshops. She is a graduate of Cornell University and the Howard County Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy. She is the author of the Po-po Poker Mystery series of novels and a member of the Eastern Shore Writers Association.

Susan is also a Reiki Master, practicing traditional Usui Reiki (a form of energy healing) since 1999. She has studied Zero Balancing, aromatherapy, Qi Gong, chakra balancing, yoga, kinesiology, and other health-related modalities. She is a former dancer, marathon runner, and triathlete.

In her spare time, Susan reads and paints. She resides Howard County, Maryland.


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